Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Been a good week, but my butt is sore.

After last weekend, my wife has kept up her demanding ways all week, but at the same time allowing/helping me come every night.

Before this week we would only play the game on some weekends and she would very rarely help me come otherwise. I masterbated a couple of times a week. I have not had to masterbate in 10 days a new record for me I think.

On Monday, she told me to start cooking as soon as I got home. She sat down and started watching TV. She was demanding all day. Asking me to massage her feet for an hour while she watched treasure hunters. At night she cuddled up beside me and gave me a hand job.

On Tuesday, I told her I thought we should have sex. She agreed.
- During the evening when I asked if she could pick something up she said – “well you want sex tonight don’t you”. She has become so blatent.
- Later she asked for a book and I could not find it, she found it and immediately said I needed a spank – I blew it off because she would say thing like this all the time.
- At night she was watching her video, when I came in she told me to go mop while she got in the mood.
– With the kitchen floor shiny, I came in and started massaging her pussy with my hand. Usually she stops the foreplay when she is ready. This night she clamped her legs around my hand and would not let it free until she was done.
– I asked her what about this holding my hard-on. She told me to get a towel and lay on my belly. She grabbed her whip and hit my butt hard. She then put on the TV and watched TV while she whipped me till I came.

On Wednesday she was bossy again. She told me if I was good I would get another spank since I like it so much. I told her my butt was sore and she called me a whimp. After a full evening of doing her will and her relaxing she did make me come by squeezing my nipples as I played with myself.

By Thursday it was obvious things had changed for the whole week as she sat on the couch and told me what she wanted for supper. When then evening was over and the house clean, I was on the bed on my belly being whipped again, with the TV on.

I am not sure what to think of her turning on the TV, watching David Letterman while she whips my butt. It kind of ruins the mood because of the distraction and knowing she is not paying attention to me. But the humilation of being just a distraction for her while she watches her show increases my horniness. And she is not in a rush to make me come when she is watching her show so she will sometimes take a break for a minute or so – increasing the intensity. In addition the submissive side of me is happy that she is happy watching her show.

So in the past week I had my butt whipped three times, as much as I had in the year before that. My wife had helped me come every night in some form or another, another record (my wife commented that she thought I would run out of come by now). I had cooked, cleaned and washed clothes every night. It was a good week, but my butt was starting to get sore from the whippings, but I am powerless to stop it.

I love my wife.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:35 AM  
Blogger howard said...

i have been given some real good spankings by my wife. they are when i have misbehaved or got familiar with another woman at a party. i got me so upset that i told her what i did and needed a good old fashioned whipping hwould not soon be forgotten.

11:35 AM  
Blogger John said...

I think bottoms definetly talk more than tops; its part of the fun of being a bottom. After all I am a bitch and I thrill to tease likea whore and part of that teasing skill is definetly verbal. I love to make you jealous and I love it when you beat me for it! I could go on but you get the idea!

5:19 AM  

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