Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How it started

I have always had submissive tenancies as long as I can remember. I tried to get my wife to fulfill them with little success.

It started with an innocent comment taken out of context. A couple of months after our last child was born, with sleep deprivation on high for both us, on a Friday night, I asked my wife whose turn it was to get up with our kid at night. She said, in what I considered a domineering tone, that I was to get hit him for the whole night.

So that night I took all the feedings and let my wife sleep in late the next day, Saturday. I had thought she was commanding me to, fulfilling what she knew was my submissive fantasy. She asked me why I let her sleep through the night, I explained what I thought she meant and her curiosity in my fantasy blossomed.

If you have ever had a kid who woke up at 2:00 am and it was your turn to get them, you know you would do almost anything to have you spouse take your turn. No matter how much you love your spouse, you just want to sleep. So it was with my wife. She always knew I wanted to be her slave, if she just kept me motivated, by keeping me horny and not making me cum. But she never had any incentive. Nothing like sleep deprivation to bring out all the incentive you need.

So the game began. I was already horny from the night of thinking she was playing the game. She made me horny by pinching my nipples for a few minutes. She grabbed my hard cock as asked me what we were having for breakfast.

I left for the kitchen and breakfast was not far behind. Eggs and Bacon on flour tortillas with a little salsa on the side. I brought it to her as she laid in bed. She massaged my ass till my cock throbbed. She reach around gave it a pull and told me to start washing clothes.
The day went great. She kept pinching and prodding me, keeping me on edge - I kept up with the housework. I cooked and cleaned up afterwards -She ate and relaxed. She took naps-I took care of the kids. I washed clothes-She watched TV. I was in submissive heaven every order was accompanied by a pinch on the butt, a massage of the penis or nibble on the nipples.

That night she watched one of her XXX-Rated video while I put the kids to bed. When I got to bed, I she was ready to be pleased. After a little kissing, I felt the hand on the back of my head, knowing she wanted me to eat her out. So I slowly went down on her and licked her clit. I slowly eased my fingers in and massaged up in a come-hither motion, which drives her wild. After a few minutes, she was done.

She pulled me on top of her and I drove my cock into her waiting pussy. After a few minutes I was ready to come. I asked her if I could come, she told me I had been a good boy and could come. I came quickly and rolled off of her. I held her for a while and we drifted off to sleep without even talking about the day.

The wonderful day as I thought back upon it. I was her willing slave and she the reluctant but cooperating master. She seemed to have enjoyed herself and as all my questions where answered that she enjoyed the day. But at the time I was not sure if it would ever happen again…


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Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

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