Monday, October 09, 2006

About this dead blog

This blog is no longer being updated (until furhter notice).

I started this blog as a method to tell they story of my relationship with my wife with several dozen topics in mind.

It told the story of how it all began. Documented the use of vibrator Wrote of showers and massages, shopping, spanking, and The public kidding she performed and so on..

We have gotten more into spanking lately as that has taken center stage in the more recent blog entries,

But I have grown out of writing fodder and will take a break for a year or so..

As a courtesy of those who check the blog, I thought I should tell you I will not be updating it anytime soon. Thank you all for your comments.

For those of you new to the blog, it may make more sense to start from the first entries at the bottom of the blog and work your way up..

Enjoy the stories below and links to the side.

I love my wife.

Friday, August 18, 2006

A little spank, makes you think you are the luckiest man in the world

After a couple of weeks of no release without assistance, my frustration was growing and I was loosing faith. Then after a minor transgression, my wife finally gave me a good spank that night. Now I think I am the luckiest guy in the whole world.

There are several popular TV shows that referes men's desire to be spanked/dominated and were afraid to tell there wife/lover. "Desperate Housewifes", "Sex in the City", and several HBO specials all mentioned it. On the internet you find men who want to be spanked, but there wifes will not comply - either they are too scared to ask or there wifes refuse.

But I am in a relationship in which my wife spanks me regurlarly. I am so lucky.

When I started this blog, my wife rarely spanked me (twice a year), but it has come a more frequent occurance twice in the last two weeks.

I think spanking is my wifes preferred way to may me come now (when she is too tire for sex, but thinks I deserve it). It takes the least amount of effort for her, less messy than a hand job, less work than getting on top of me and wrapping her breast around my manhood, and less sweaty than me groping over her while I come.

She has gotten so into it she spanks me quite hard. When she started spanking me, she would be very gentle and I would have to name things that I had done bad to get her to spank harder. Now she spanks hard without my prodding and will bring up things I did wrong herself for particularly hard whips. I always think of things to say - but think better of it - for example "I am sorry I stared so long at our neighbor Tammy yesterday" <- That particular one would have probably gotten me me worse pain ever..

My butt stays sore for quite a while afterwards. The next day at work I am noticably sore. A couple of days later I can still feel a slight pain, but I can go a hour without noticing it..

Back to my original point, do other submissive husband wonder if they are the luckiest man in the world to find someone that can satisfy their desires...

I love my wife.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Maybe the bring back the massage was not such a wise idea

After a couple of years of only being submissive during the weekend, with a release at the end of the weekend, my wife has changed the rules a bit lately.

She has been more demanding, making me more submissive, all week - with release (with her permission and assistance spank/nipple-pinch/handjob/sex) almost every night. This has been going on for a couple of weeks and the tradeoff seems worth it, more work, more release.

In my last post, I mentioned I would bring back the massage on those few nights when I did not get release. A sort of appreciation for her understanding.

But now my wife expects it every night, instead of giving me release. She will roll over on her side and I will massage her back. When she is done - she is too tired to satisfy me.

It is almost as if she feels I got to massage her, that should be as gratifying for me as sex or other form of release. My mind somewhat agrees, I am submissive, I should be worried about her pleasure. But my loins really do not agree. I am getting very horney with all this demands during the day and massaging her at night and no release.

Maybe I should have just not given her those massages...

It is the price I pay for the pleasure of the submision i enjoy...

I love my wife.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lost art of the massage

I must say the past couple of weeks have been great. My wife has become more demanding, but at the same time, more willing to satisfy me in the evenings.

After reading another blog (Helpmate Hubby) and he frustating massage he had to give when expecting something more, I realized I had not massaged my wife's back in months.

So I am trying to bring back the massage into our life, massaging her as we get to bed. Regardless of whether I receive release or not.

I do not know if this will encourage her to be more demanding or make her more willing to please me. It will be fun to learn.

I love my wife.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Been a good week, but my butt is sore.

After last weekend, my wife has kept up her demanding ways all week, but at the same time allowing/helping me come every night.

Before this week we would only play the game on some weekends and she would very rarely help me come otherwise. I masterbated a couple of times a week. I have not had to masterbate in 10 days a new record for me I think.

On Monday, she told me to start cooking as soon as I got home. She sat down and started watching TV. She was demanding all day. Asking me to massage her feet for an hour while she watched treasure hunters. At night she cuddled up beside me and gave me a hand job.

On Tuesday, I told her I thought we should have sex. She agreed.
- During the evening when I asked if she could pick something up she said – “well you want sex tonight don’t you”. She has become so blatent.
- Later she asked for a book and I could not find it, she found it and immediately said I needed a spank – I blew it off because she would say thing like this all the time.
- At night she was watching her video, when I came in she told me to go mop while she got in the mood.
– With the kitchen floor shiny, I came in and started massaging her pussy with my hand. Usually she stops the foreplay when she is ready. This night she clamped her legs around my hand and would not let it free until she was done.
– I asked her what about this holding my hard-on. She told me to get a towel and lay on my belly. She grabbed her whip and hit my butt hard. She then put on the TV and watched TV while she whipped me till I came.

On Wednesday she was bossy again. She told me if I was good I would get another spank since I like it so much. I told her my butt was sore and she called me a whimp. After a full evening of doing her will and her relaxing she did make me come by squeezing my nipples as I played with myself.

By Thursday it was obvious things had changed for the whole week as she sat on the couch and told me what she wanted for supper. When then evening was over and the house clean, I was on the bed on my belly being whipped again, with the TV on.

I am not sure what to think of her turning on the TV, watching David Letterman while she whips my butt. It kind of ruins the mood because of the distraction and knowing she is not paying attention to me. But the humilation of being just a distraction for her while she watches her show increases my horniness. And she is not in a rush to make me come when she is watching her show so she will sometimes take a break for a minute or so – increasing the intensity. In addition the submissive side of me is happy that she is happy watching her show.

So in the past week I had my butt whipped three times, as much as I had in the year before that. My wife had helped me come every night in some form or another, another record (my wife commented that she thought I would run out of come by now). I had cooked, cleaned and washed clothes every night. It was a good week, but my butt was starting to get sore from the whippings, but I am powerless to stop it.

I love my wife.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I have created a monster

We were coming back from a week-long camp vacation, in which I did not get to come because of the sleeping arrangements.

My wife asked how I was doing and I told her I was horny. She asked what we should do about that. She was having her period so sex was not an option (she does not want it during that time the month). I told her I could clean the weeks clothes and she could spank me to make me come that night. She agreed, saying she wanted everything washed – sheets and even clothes that were not dirty since the cabin had bugs in it..

The rest of the day, I washed clothes, cooked and cleaned the house while she slept and caught up on her Tivoed shows. There was way to much clothes to wash to finish by the end of the evening.

That evening, after my shower I got on the bed naked with a towel to catch my cum.
She asked if I was done with the clothes.
I told I was not.
She spanked my butt a couple of times.
I asked her if she would let me cum.
She told me she had not decided..
She spanked me a couple of more times
I told her if she wanted me to stay her slave boy she should stop
She did not stop.
I gratefully came.
I thought, that was the end of it. Normally when I come, the rest of the weekend is free time. But I was wrong.

The next morning my wife told me, you better get on the clothes if you want a spank again tonight. I am so weak and she knows it. All she has to do is hint that she is in charge and she knows I will drop in line.

When it started it was always my idea to be her slave-boy. If I did not feel like playing for a weekend, I just would not bring it up. Now, over half the time she will initiate it. Even if I did not want to before she mentioned it, as soon as she mentions that I should “get busy”, I am putty in her hand.

I wonder how far it will go. Will she have me as her slave almost every weekend because she has started to enjoy it and almost expect it? Will she start to bring it into the weekdays? I have become powerless to her whims…

I love my wife.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

How to punish this submissive?

How do you punish a submissive(or masochist)? I expect it is different for each one of us.

My punishments, may be another submissives fantasy. Their fantasy, may be my punishment.

I enjoy a good spank, especially when I have been bad, it motivates me. Tying me up is an all time fantasy. Generally pain just gets me hornier.

We have our unspoken rules that no-one else should know about the game, so public humiliation is out.

There are two punishments that my wife can bestow on me when I have been bad or failed her….

1) Her satify herself – I love making my wife come. It is what I enjoy most about being her submissive. If I am bad, she can satisfy herself either making me lay calmly beside her or leave the room.

2) Make me satisfy myself out of her presence – I enjoy coming with her, whether sex, coming between her breast, or even her teasing my nipples while I make myself come. If I am bad, I am told to go to the bathroom and do not come back until I am done. I am heartbroken..

I love my wife and am usually a good slave and she has seldom had to resort to these. Afterwards, the next weekend I am much better.

I love my wife.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This past Memorial day weekend, after coming back from a two night trip to the beach I slip into becoming my wife submissive again.

As I think back upon it after most of our out of town trips I become submissive to my wife on the way back. I think this is do to several factors…

  • During our vacations I sleep in a smaller bed with my wife so we are always in contact. We have a king size at home and can go all night without touching. So that gets me horny.
  • We never have sex on our vacations because of sleeping arrangements with the kids and relatives in the next room. So I get hornier.
  • On the trips back, I usually fantasize about being my wife’s submissive – because the horniness of it keeps me alert during driving.
  • My wife is exhausted from the vacation so she wants to rest and knows all she has to do is a little tease and denial and she gets a break.
  • There is always a lot of work to be done and my wife is appreciative of not having to do it.

These factors, lots of work, horniness, and an exhausted wife are a perfect mixture for a submissive weekend.

If others men want to introduce your wife to the perks of having a submissive husband I would suggest after getting back from your next vacation you tell your wife to relax while you unpack. I expect she will be very grateful and receptive to how to get more of this type of treatment.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Her RemoteControl

I love being submissive to my wife. During our lovemaking, the submissive side really comes out. I enjoy when I am eating her out or having sex that she controls the tempo by pinching and prodding me.

On our submissive weekends, while I eat her out, she will squeeze my butt when she wants it harder. When I am allowed inside of her, it is on her terms -she will squeeze my nipples or slap my butt if she wants it harder- I am not allowed to slack off.

She knows she can take her time coming when she is in charge. Normally I grow tired after 10 minutes or so. But when she is in charge she can get me to perform much longer.

I feel as though I am just her remote control dildo, with buttons on my nipples and butt to control her pleasure.

I love my wife.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weight control

My wife has lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months.

Before that, when we played our game where she was in control and I was submissive, she kept putting on weight on the weekends we played. She would relax the entire weekend, sleep in, take naps. She would be pampered and never go out to exercise. I would cook her favorite meals (usually fattening). Give her mixed drinks at night. I would bring her a bowl of her favorite ice cream as she watched TV at night (as I cleaned the house of course).

She complained and like a good submissive I changed. I started cooking healthier. I encouraged her to go to the gym. I helped arrange tennis matches with her friends. I brought her carrots or grapes instead of ice cream at night (I still cleaned of course).

Most of her wieght loss was from her own hard work during the week that I had little to do with. I just tried to make sure I was not ruining her efforts on the weekends.

It takes a lot of consideration and compromising to try to work a submissive lifestyle into the ups and downs of a normal marriage. Put the rewards are great for those of us into this type of thing..

I love my wife.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Out of the rut

I had enjoyed our game of me being submissive for a weekend immensely, but we had gotten into a little of a rut. I think we might have broken that rut this past weekend.

Usually - At the end of the first day I always satisfied my wife and I was left horney. The next night, no matter how I performed, we would have sex or my wife would wrap her breast around my cock and make me come. I was getting pretty sloppy with getting everything done because I knew I would be allowed a pleasurable release.
But this weekend that assumption was put to rest..

It started like most weekends, me making a bad comment. In this case, I said that since she was off on Friday she could clean the house since her sister was coming into town. That night I told my wife I wanted sex, but during foreplay she pushed my head to her cunt until she came, then told me I would have to wait.

The next day found a longer than usual honey-do list. I started working on them quickly to try to get through them. From experience, a completed honey-do list led to a pleasurable release.

During the day while I was cleaning upstairs, she asked me if I was slacking or working. I smarted off that I was slacking. She told me I would pay for that tonight. Then ordered me to come kneel and worship her – the first time she had ever done that.

As the day wore on, it was clear I would not finish my list and the house would not be clean, so my wife pitched in.

That night, I announced that my honey-do list was complete. After a shower, I settled into bed naked laying on my back, stroking my hard cock. She told me to roll over onto my belly, I thought that was interesting. Then I heard the drawer with her whip (she had not used it on me in 6 months since my birthday) open.

Whack on my butt – Me – "I love you" – After ever strike of the whip on my butt, I tell her that I love her, so she does not feel guilty about doing it.
Wife:"I do not think you should tell ME I have to clean the house!"
Whack… Me- "I Love you"
Wife "I did not appreciate your smart tounge this afternoon about slacking…"
Whack.. Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Wife- "Do you like it that you do not know when it is coming?" She always alternates the tempo of her spanking. She seems to get a kick out of keeping me guessing.
Whack..Me- "I Love you"
Wife- "And I do not appreciate having to " Whack "help you cleanup" Whack "what good is having a slave if I have to help"
Wife – "What else did you do wrong?"
She pauses the spanking until I give her reasons to continue. I am too horney to deny her.
Me – "I did not fold all the clothes, I left them in the dryer for you"
Whack… Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Me – "I left dishes in the sink, I knew you would not notice till tommorrow".
Whack… Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Me – "May I please come"
Wife – "Do you deserve it?"
Me – "Please"
Wife – "Will you do better next time?"
Me – "Yes"
Wife – "Then you may come"
Me- "I Love you"Whack.. Whack
Me- "I Love you"Whack.. Whack
Me- "Thank you"

Although I enjoy being spanked every one in a while (twice a year would be fine for me), I felt I had let my wife down. That I had not been good enough for this weekend. My wife now has an option if I do not perform well enough, I will not get to feel her breast around my cock, I will get the whip. From her point of view, it is less work for her to whip me and not as demeening – So I have to be extra good..

Since there is concequences to my actions, I keep thinking of how I can better serve my wife. How I can not be so sloppy, how I can get everything done on my list.

As a side note, the next day my butt was a little sore and I corrected all the things that had gone wrong the day before. My wife sometimes complained that after I was allowed to come the next day I became sluggish – this did not happen with a sore butt.

I love my wife.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Guys usually do not like to talk. Most of the time, I am no exception. I will talk about sports, the kids, the weather – but relationships and feelings are not talked about.

On weekends when my wife is in charge, she enjoys talking. She will ask me what I think about our relationship in general. Where do I want to be in 5 years. All the questions that usually invoke a simple, shrug and I do not know.

I will talk to her while I massage her back as she plays computer games. Or we lay in bed talking.

She recently told me that it is one of the things she enjoys about my fantasy weekends. The game is not all about getting what I want, this is something she wants and I am glad to oblidge.

I love my wife.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drumroll please

The drumroll , the suspense, the top of the rollercoaster, that is the best.

When I come on Friday I do not know whether my wife to be in control for the weekend. There is suspense in the air.

She will make a comment "You can cook tonight", that I am not sure if it is an innocent request or the first command on the weekend. She will pinch my butt, and I am not sure if it is just innocent flirting or getting me horney to express her control.

I think she is feeling me out to see if I am willing as well. If I am not in the mood, I will refuse her command, or pinch her butt back. If I accept her commands, she knows I am willing (although she knows I almost always am).

As the day progresses, her commands become more blatant and her teasing more dominant. She will say you clean up, while I go watch TV. As I bend over to pick something up she will come behind me and pounce me. She will squeeze my nipples for 15 seconds straight.

In the end she will hit the final drum clang. She will tell me she is looking forward to being pleased tonight and if I am good, I can come tommorrow. Or she will tell me that I am being a good little slave boy.

I love my wife

Forbidden items

Our relationship on the weekends where my wife is in control is like a fantasy come true. I enjoy pleasing her and her being control.

But there are things I fantasize about that wife does not want to give.

I would love to be tied up with my hands above my head while she teases me. I would love for her to have that control. But she is unconfortable with me being tied up. It totally ruins the mood for her.

I am so happy I am getting some of what I want (her in control) I do not complain. I read of men who want their wife to take full control and will settle for nothing less. So they get nothing. I take the dominance she is willing to give, that does not make her unconfortable – I think that is a truly good submissive…

I love my wife.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spilling over into the weekdays…

Although I am only he slave on some weekends, the things I have learned over the past couple of years on the occasional weekend I have put to use during the week to make her happier.

I have become good at giving her massages. Using body oil on her back to help her feel good. Or when we are watching TV at night, she will plop her feet on my lap and ask for a massage.

On the weekends when she is the boss, I am a full time chef. I have taken some of the recipes she likes and cook them on the weeknights as well. In addition, during the week I will try our new recipes, the ones she likes will make it into a future weekend menu.

Before we started the game, I rarely did laundry. Not that I was too macho, it was always her job and I had never learned the nuances of clothe cleaning (not that it is too difficult). On those weekends, I have to wash all the clothes, so I learned how. So now I pitch in on the weekends.

I do not mind helping keeping the house clean during the week now. It shows that I appreciate her playing the game with me on the weekend. And if the house is cleaner by Friday there is less work for me to do on the weekend so I can spend more time pleasing her.

I love my wife.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I do not know why but my wife likes XXX videos. I really do not like them, but she can not get enough of them.

On weekends which I know she is expecting to be the boss, I will hit the video store to get her a new video.

She enjoys these weekends. Normally after she puts in a video I am her side after 10 minutes ready to go so she does not get to watch much. When I am her slave, she gets to watch almost the whole movie while I am cleaning the house. And when I do come to bed with her in charge, I always focus on satisfying her – either with her "Friend" or my tounge and her view of the video is unobstructed. (During the week when we have sex and I am on top she can not see her video.

Her being the boss also affects on video collection. There are no lesbian or mutliple-girls on one guy videos. They all have to be mostly straight sex with multiple men (more dick) for the girls because that is what she enjoys. Although almost ever video has lesbian scenes we just fast forward through them, she does not want me to get horny looking at another women.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Feedback, asking what I did right.

After a day of my wife being the boss, I always ask her what she enjoys most about it. I will list off the things and she will tell me how much she enjoys it.
She enjoys being pampered
She enjoys the clean kitchen
She enjoys her naps.
She enjoys me satisfying her without having to satisfy me immediately
She enjoys me using her "Friends" on her.
She enjoys her car being cleaned.
She enjoys her snacks.

I have used this to fine tune what I work on when she is the boss. I thought she would enjoy not having to deal with our youngest kid, but she said she enjoyed bonding with him, so let her hold him sometime. I thought she would enjoy the clothes being cleaned, but she said they get so backed up again afterward that it did not really matter that much.

So every week after we are done, I find out what she enjoyed most. I can use this to do better the next time…

I love my wife.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

On the weekends in which my wife is the boss, I become quite the chef. I have learned how to cook new low-fat items and keep her happy with her favorite snacks.

I sometime shop on Friday nights after I have satisfied her and she is asleep. I am usually horny to sleep so I go shopping with the food for the weekend in mind.

The morning I prepare her eggs, tortilla, and salsa with sides of grapes, orange juice and bottled water. Brought to her on a serving tray while she is showering or playing computer.

Lunch is a smaller snack of pasta or sometimes eat out for.

Afternoon is when I shine. I cook her deviled eggs or armadillo eggs, shrimp salsa. I try to have a snack ready for her when she wakes from her afternoon nap. It makes her especially happy to get up to a good snack – I can always count on extra teasing afterwards.

At nights I cook one of her favorites from the weight watchers cookbook. On the weekdays if I cook, she will clean. But when we are playing the game- of course I get to do both.
At night I will get her strawberries sliced into Yogurt. I will keep her glass full with drinks such as margaritas or mud slides.

I like making my wife happy and she is very happy when she is well fed with food she enjoys. When I cook for her she is very appreciative – always pinching my nipples or massaging my but to keep my horny.

I love my wife.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Friendly public kidding

My wife does not really want to publicly humiliate me(yet). We keep the game between just the two of us most of the time.

But on the weekends when she is the boss, there is friendly kidding which goes on when others are around.

When our neighbors call, she will list off all the things that I have done and she has done. She will say "He has washed the clothes, cleaned the kitchen, vacumned the house, and washed my car. I have been relaxing and taking a nap all afternoon. " after a little pause for them to reply she will say "Yes it is nice".

When she comes back from shopping with her mother, she will ask "So did you keep busy and clean the house like you were supposed to?" then "Good boy".
When her sister calls she will list off my chores and tell her sister where she had shopped.

She always does it within my earshot, not even trying to hide the fact that it might be humiliating to have other know of our arrangement. But the humiliation is kinda stimulating, and just makes me want to submit to her all the more.

If my friend had said his wife did all those things, while allowing him to sleep of golf. I would be jealous of my friend. I wonder if the women that talk to my wife are jealous of her. I wonder if she is somehow bragging to them about what a good relationship she has, that she gets to rest while the work gets done. I wonder if this makes her happy, I hope it does. On these weekends I love making my wife happy.

I love my wife.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Not looking at other women

Men look at other women. It is in our nature. Most of the time my wife will notice me ogling, but let it pass.

But on weekends when she is the boss, this is not allowed. If she catches me, she will be upset and squeeze my nipples and tell me I know better than that.

After about 6 months of playing the game every other weekend, she instituted this rule while I leered at a lady jogging in the neighborhood wearing short-shorts. She learned that if I only looked at her, I became much more submissive to her as, it increase my desire. She has only caught me a couple of other times since then.

I love my wife.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Submissive Husband – Sample Weekend

So far this blog has been about different aspects of our weekends when I am submissive. This past weekend we played the game.

It kinda started on Thursday. My wife was home all day and I asked whether she had supper cooked since she was home all day. This upset her as she had spent the whole day taking care of the kids.

When I say something that upsets her, she is more in the mood to make me her slave-boy for the weekend. Not so much as a punishment for me, as she knows I enjoy it. More of wanting to feel empowered and pampered, after feeling degraded by my comment.

So on Friday I got home, she was home all day, but the house was a mess. She causully suggest that there was chicken in the fridge that she would like. As I was cleaning the kitchen, she said to my daughter in a kidding tone that "I am putting daddy to work". It is like that sometime at the beginning of the weekend, she has not overtly said I was going to be her slave-boy, but gives hints.

With the kitchen cleaned and food on I walked into our bedroom to see her playing games on the computer. She said, I need a massage come over and rub my shoulders. I rub her shoulders a little bit standing behind her. She told me to rub the lower part of her back. She knows I can not rub her lower back without getting on my knees behind in a submissive position.

So I know the game has started and she wants me to be her slave-boy. I am under her spell and fall to my knees behind her, reach for the massage oil, and begin massaging her back. Although I can not see her, I know she is grinning, knowing she has me. She pulls her shirt up around her neck so I can massage her whole back.

We talk about what needs to be done in the house before I will allowed to come and she starts the list while I massage her back:
- Change the air filters
- Wash and clean the inside of her car
- Clean the carpet where the kids spilled milk from the front door to the kitchen.
- Change the ruffle cover under the mattress
- Wash the sheets
Of course it is understood that I have to clean the downstairs part of the house, keep the kitchen clean, fix meals/snack, and wash all the clothes in the house. Those are things I have to do ever weekend which she is the boss.

While I am setting up the table she comes into the kitchen and cuddles up to me and pinches my nipples for a while until my cock is about to blow through my pants. She tells me to get busy and sits down and the table to be served.

We eat without much incident. While I am cleaning, she tells me she is going shopping.

While she is gone, I start on my list while keeping the laundry going.

She gets back from shopping after a couple of hours and ask if want the model her new swimsuit, to which I eagerly agree. On weekends I am her slave-boy I especially enjoy watching her dress and undress. It increases the anticipation and pushes me further into her submission.

She sits down to watch TV. While she is watching I bring her cut strawberries and drinks. I keep on cleaning the house and washing the clothes.

At night I heard the bath-tub running. Whenever we are going to have sex she waits till afterwards to cleanup. So I know that she does not want me to be released tonight.

She tells me to put in one of her XXX rated movies so she can get in the mood and for me to get to work. So I put in her movie and go out to put photos in albums that she has been pestering me to do for a while.

I come in and ask her if she needs more time, but she beckons me in. I ask her if she wants my cock, my tounge or her friends. She ask if I can last another day, I nod that can. She ask me to get her friend. So I get the rabbit which spins, rotates and vibrates.

She keeps watching her adult movie..

I kiss her body for a while, but her hand pushes my hand into action on her pussy. After a few minutes of playing with her clit, I bring her vibrator to her pussy. I shove it in,vibrating, just a bit and pull it out several time. I can feel her body pushing back against it. I move it up to massage her clit and she groans a little.

She keeps watching her adult movie..

I shove the head in and out again. Her hand brushes against the back of my hand and know she wants it in more. I shove it in and turn the rotate on and the vibrator a little faster. Sometimes I keep her in this state for a long time, turning the vibrator faster/slower to keep her just on the edge. Today she does not seem interested as after a little while, the hand is on the back of my head, the sign that she wants my tounge on her clit.

She keeps watching her adult movie..

I turn the vibrator faster and plunge to her pussy. She comes rather quickly and pushes my face away. I turn the vibrator off and go up to hold her for a while. She holds me closer and tells me how awesome it was.

I removed her vibrator, turned the video off. Cleaned the vibrator and put all the toys away.

I laid down beside her and she cuddled up to me, stroking my cock for a little while and playing with my nipples for a long while, till I was so horny I wanted to bust.

She turned over and asked me to massage her back while she went to sleep. Which I did and then slowly drifted off to a fitful night sleep.

The next morning she slept in while I dress and fed the children. I cooked her breakfast and brought it to her as she showered.

My day was busy as I cleaned and cooked. Her day was relaxing as she watched TV, played computer games, and took and an afternoon nap.

There were several opportunities for her to keep me in the mood. She pinched. She stroked my cock through my clothes. Once she bent me over the kitchen and came behind me to give me a pounce.

That night while watching TV, I brought her strawberries and drinks. I sat on the couch with her feet in my lap massaging her feet. (Neither of us are into the whole foot worship thing, but too each his own).

That night, I had completed my list. My wife was not in the mood for sex, but she did give me the next best thing. Me on my back, her without her shirt, she wrappes her breast around my cock, she squeezes my nipples and digs her nails into my but until I come.

The weekend of being her slave-boy was over. I got a lot done and she got a lot of rest.
I love my wife.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Slave Boy

I think everyone who plays this time of game has some names for each other. Mine is "Slave boy" or "S.B." when the kids are around.

On weekends when I want to be her submissive, I will call her and tell her "Your Slave-Boy" is coming home, and she knows what I mean.

When I am doing a good job she will tell me "you are being a good slave-boy".
When she addresses a note to me it always to "S.B".

On Friday night, after I make her come and she is teasing my cock, she will ask "Do you want to come or do want to keep being me Slave boy?" I push her hand away and cuddle up to her to let her know how much I enjoy being her Slave-Boy.

Get Busy

Whenever I am her submissive for the weekend, she will always tell me to "Get busy" in a domineering/kidding tone.

I get horny just hearing the words as it bring back memories. If we are in the middle of week and she wants to tease me she will tell me to "get busy" and I automatically get a boner just remembering the past weekends..

Sunday, March 12, 2006


In normal situations, I hate shopping. I always have. My wife has come to accept this as one of my weaknesses.

My wife loves to shop with me. Of all the things I do when I am her weekend slave, shopping with her tops her list. The only time it is really fun for her is when the kids are in school. We will go to an outlet mall in a neighboring suburb and shop away.

She enjoys that I go with her and bring her things to try on. She loves to spray perfume and have me tell her which one I like. After she has her items picked out, I will wait in line and deal with the checkout ladies while she looks around a little more. (Why are the checkouts so slow at women’s stores).

I take her to the chocolate store and buy her candy. I put money in the massaging chair and let her get a massage. I hold her hand. In general there are lots of opportunities for me to spoil her in a mall.

After we shop, we are always tired. When I am not her slave, I always get the nap.. But on these weekend she enjoys a good long nap.

So she has clothes she wants, she has chocolate, been spoiled, and well rested… I love making her happy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


For the longest time, I have come behind my wife and thrust my hips up to her but and "pounced" her. Sometime she would resist, and I would lay her over the table and thrust her from the back several times, kinda drive-humping her from the back. She always tried to out do me by pushing her hips back and catching me off guard, but I always retaliated.

Since we have started the game where I am her submissive for the weekends, the roles have changed. Now when I get behind her to massage her back she will thrust her hips back, and I am to stay still while she is in charge with the thrusting. Knowing that I am in the submissive position for the same thing that I once dominated her is exhilirating to me.

In addition sometimes I am the pouncee. She will come behind me and thrust her hips into my but as is she is butt-fucking me. It is somewhat humiliating, which is kinda of a turnon for the submissive side of me.

Her pouncing of me is another one of those things we do on the weekend to keep me horny. Together they all keep motivated to keep the house clean and my wife happy. I love my wife…

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spank Me Baby

My wife had always known my submissive side but had not wanted to get too involved. The one exception was the birthday spanking. She would spank me till I came once a year.

Since we started the games, the spanking has been incorporated a little more into our sex life. About once a month the spanking will come.

At the beginning, it was with a hand or a hanger. The hanger was nice, because it did not make as much noise as the hand – a consideration when you have kids. But the hanger left bruises that did not heal for a month – which sounds cool, but once the weekend is over, I want it be over.

I recently bought a leather whip, which I love. It does not make as much noise as her hand. It stings a lot more than her hand. But it does not leave a mark.

Sample weekend

Again, most weekends she does not spank me but about a month ago..

On Friday, I got a rare text message on my phone. I opened it and it said, "You need a spank". I took that as a sign that she wanted to play our submissive game that weekend.

After a Friday night of horny anticipation, in which I did all the housework as she rested. That night after making her come, she used my leather whip on my ass a little to keep me horny.

On Saturday morning, I heard her getting up and open the drawer where her whip was kept – a boner formed, but I pretended to be asleep. She rolled over and took the sheet off me – my boner got bigger. She pulled down my silk boxers – I was about to explode. She let the whip fall on my bare butt several times - I was in horny ecstacy. Before I could come, she told me to get to work.

I was busy for the remainder of the day, but being that busy, I got tired. As my wife was out shopping, I took a nap, expecting to be up by the time she arrived. But she snuck in and I was awoken to a whip on my but. It was a hard whip which stung for a while. I could not sit down without feeling it – she laughed about that and told me I got what I deserved. Most of the time the spanking has a little sexual undertone to it, that time it was just for punishment.

That night after making her come, I was spanked with my whip until I came, for appreciation of all my hard work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


One of the things a submissive must become good at is giving a massage. On the weekends when I am under her control, I have to give my wife massages several times during the day and night.

On the couch while she is watching her show, her feet get massaged. At night after I satisfy her I massage her back. I wake her up from her afternoon nap with a gentle massage.

I have massage and body lotions located throughout the house. Whenever she ask or I see her bending over I will grab a lotion. The trick with lotion guys is to warm them up on your hands first…do not squirt them on her back, Put it on your hands massage them together then massage her.

One of the most intoxicating massages is when she is playing her computer game (spider solitaire). I will come behind her, spread the lotion (Currently "Moonlight Path") on my hands and start to massage her back. Since she is sitting down and likes the massage on the lower part of her back, I have to get on my knees to massage her which add to the feeling of being submissive. After about 5 minutes my knees start to hurt which adds to the excitement. She will usually make me massage her till she wins which sometimes takes 30 minutes of exstacy.

I also enjoy the bath massages. While she takes a bath, I take a warm washcloth and rub her back as she leans forward. Then she leans back and I massage the front of her arms and to her naked breast.

Things I have learned:
- Use body lotion.
- She does not like warm massage stones (sounds like a good idea, but just feels like hot rocks)
-Warm the body lotion before using.
-Use circular pressure, do not knead it like dough.

I think any good submissive should learn how to give a good massage…it’s a part of your job.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lists – Honey-Dos that get Done..

My wife is not big on giving me orders through the weekend. But there are things she wants done, so she keeps a list going. We keep it electronically and she updates it whenever she thinks of something new.

I scratch the things off my list. With the understanding that if I do not finish the list, she may not let me come and I will be hers for a while longer.

It is also an indication if I want to be hers for the entire weekend or just Saturday. If I want to end the game Saturday night, I get everything on the list done. Almost ever time I have completed my list on Saturday she lets me come that night. (We have an understanding that if I come that night, I will not be hers the next day) .

Regardless of whether I have completed my list or not, every Saturday night she has me make her come. If I have not completed my list, she does not tell me if I will be allowed to come until after she has come and she is teasing me, playing with my cock or having me play with it while she pinches my nipples. If I have not completed my list she will stop and say it is time for bed, and I fall asleep in horny exstacy.

Most Saturdays I complete all but one item on the list. This gives her the freedom to keep me or let me have a release.

Here is the most recent list, you will notice there are weekly items which stay on the list and each week she adds new items.
This Week
Accompany Wife To The Mall
Film Kids
Install Lock on Front Door
Clean Carpets
Replace light bulbs in Bathroom
Clean downstairs closet
Mail gift to Wife’s sister
Wash Clothes
Wash Sheets
Clean Wifes's Car Out
Cook Snacks - Deviled Eggs

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Silk Boxers

I started our marriage as a tighty-whitey guy.
My wife likes me in boxers.
We have compromised as I wear boxer-briefs most of the time.

On the weekends when my wife is in charge, it is all about the silk boxers. She likes the way they feel. I do not like the way they feel. But, I like the way it is a continuos reminder of my place in the relationship. That everything I do is at her whim. Ever time I bend down to pick up something on the floor or lean over while vacuuming I feel the silk slide against my butt and am instantly reminded and instantly horney.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Her “Friends”

About a month into the game, my wife mentioned, once, she missed having something inside her. Being the submissive husband I was I went to an adult novelty store and purchased a pink vibrator for her.

I used it that weekend on her, to her surprise on Saturday night. After we were done she wondered aloud whether she would be able to walk. She enjoyed it immensely.

Later I bought a "Rabbit" with an outside control that allows it to rotate around and vibrate at the same time. I enjoy holding the controller, having it on high, till she is just about to come, then slowing it down. We call it my remote control game. I enjoy the look on her face as she gets close and then relaxes. But when she is ready, I feel her hand press against the back of my head as she wants my mouth on her clit. It takes about 30 seconds of me eating her out to satisfy her.

I also enjoy inserting and removing the dildo for a long time. She told me once that one of the best parts of sex, is that feeling when the penis enters her. If it my penis, I can insert it about an inch and remove it a dozen times or so before I am driven crazy and insert it full length into her. With her "Friend", I can insert it for a hundred time for an hour straight. Until she finally reaches for my head and forces my tounge on her clit for the thirty seconds needed till orgasm, during which her friend goes deep inside her.

After she is done, I can leave her friend in for a while and it will not grow limp. It will not need to keep stroking to come like me penis.

I enjoy satisfying my wife and use her vibrators to help with that task. I do not use them ever weekends, but it does spice up our life and make her even more motivated to have me be submissive to her wishes.

Shower at night, or two days…

The next weekend started like the first. I cooked and cleaned on Friday with anticipation. My wife took my cue that I was in a submissive mood and pinched my ass and nipples to keep me horny. That Friday night she told me it was my job to get all the feedings for the night. Which I did, as I had done the weekend before.
The next day my wife woke up well rested to breakfast in bed. She was getting spoiled and I was loving it. She lounged around the day, more comfortable in her role. She would come and hug me, massage my cock until it was hard and then leave me in exstacy.
We had quickly fallen into a pattern of me doing things without being asked. I am reminded of a bumper sticker that said "I wish my man would stop asking me what I wanted done, and just do it". She had no trouble keeping me horny, but did not really want to give me orders. So I took over doing what needed to be done.

After an evening enjoying meal I cooked and she enjoying a movie while I washed clothes, my wife said she was in the mood for sex and a bath. I had been kept on edge all day and was ready for release. Then she went into the bedroom to get ready, but I heard the bath going. She never took a bath before sex, only after. The only reason she would take a bath before if I was to satisfy her, and get no satisfaction myself. So it dawned on me that I would not get to come tonight, but she wanted to be satisfied. I went into the bathroom and washed her back with a warm wash clothe. Getting hornier all the time, washing her naked body, getting even hornier knowing this batch meant I would not get to come tonight.

And so it was. She got out and we went to bed and I used my mouth to satisfy her. She massaged my hard cock for a little bit then told me to go brush my teeth and come to bed for the night. I slipped in beside her and on her command massaged her back till she drifted off to sleep. I was soo horny that night.

The next day (Sunday) went as expected with me as horny as I was, doing her bidding the entire time. That night after making her come, she finally allowed me to come inside her.
That had pushed it from being her slave for about a day, to over two days (including Friday).

Some weekends we played for the entire weekend, sometimes just for Saturday. On Saturday night’s I am high with anticipation, not knowing if she will keep it going for the rest of the weekend or let me come. I am happy either way, I would enjoy coming and I would enjoy staying her slave for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Enjoyment

When I am her submissive husband for the day/weekend, I enjoy the hell out of myself. I had fantasized about it for years and now it finally came true. It really has two parts, the denial/teasing and the satisfaction of work.
When I daydreamed about this in the past I only focused on being kept horny. I love her teasing me. I love being horny and have her rap her arms around me and massage my ass pulling my hard cock to her. I love brushing her breast against me. The game gives so many changes for her to make me horny. Since I have not come in a while, I enjoy them all.

I never expected how good keeping busy and satisfying my wife would feel. There is a certain amount of pleasure in job well done. I work in an office and seldom see tangible results from my work. But a cleaned kitchen and vacuumed house makes me feel like I accomplished something (not to mention the joy I receive as my wife massaging my cock, not to let me come).

In addition there is pleasure in satisfying my wife. A good meal, a relaxing massage, clean sheets, or a oral satisfaction – They all give me great pride. Any guy who enjoys satisfying his women, just for the sake of satisfying her should understand this.

All in all, I do not know why I enjoy being this submissive husband so much. When it over and I come, I think why do I let myself get put into these situations (Which is probably what you, the reader are thinking). But when it is happening I am in ecstasy.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekdays and frequency.

Since that first weekend, me being submissive to her dominance have become a regular part of our sex life. I am happy to say.

It only occurs on the weekends. The weekdays are pretty normal. She may be reluctant for sex around Wednesday or Thursday "If I satisfy you now, you will not be in the mood this weekend". But it is never the same Submissive/Dominance routine we go through some weekends.

We have been playing the game (that is one of our names for it) for over 2.5 years on some weekends. We have gone through months, where ever weekend we played. We have gone a month at a time when we do not play. We only play on weekends when we do not have a lot going on. (For example, it is hard for me to do her bidding if she is off with her sister for most of the weekend). So I guess in the past 2.5 years we have played about 50 weekends, or just under 50%.

When it started, I always had to initiate or volunteer for it. But as the years have past, my wife has become more and more vocal about wanting it and enjoying it. She has come to enjoy her relaxing weekends, she enjoys the house staying clean, and she enjoys the attention. I felt guilt at the beginning, she never shares a hidden fantasy with me, but when I shared mine (being submissive) she gave it a try. But since she ask for it so often, I have come to believe she enjoys it as well…

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How it started

I have always had submissive tenancies as long as I can remember. I tried to get my wife to fulfill them with little success.

It started with an innocent comment taken out of context. A couple of months after our last child was born, with sleep deprivation on high for both us, on a Friday night, I asked my wife whose turn it was to get up with our kid at night. She said, in what I considered a domineering tone, that I was to get hit him for the whole night.

So that night I took all the feedings and let my wife sleep in late the next day, Saturday. I had thought she was commanding me to, fulfilling what she knew was my submissive fantasy. She asked me why I let her sleep through the night, I explained what I thought she meant and her curiosity in my fantasy blossomed.

If you have ever had a kid who woke up at 2:00 am and it was your turn to get them, you know you would do almost anything to have you spouse take your turn. No matter how much you love your spouse, you just want to sleep. So it was with my wife. She always knew I wanted to be her slave, if she just kept me motivated, by keeping me horny and not making me cum. But she never had any incentive. Nothing like sleep deprivation to bring out all the incentive you need.

So the game began. I was already horny from the night of thinking she was playing the game. She made me horny by pinching my nipples for a few minutes. She grabbed my hard cock as asked me what we were having for breakfast.

I left for the kitchen and breakfast was not far behind. Eggs and Bacon on flour tortillas with a little salsa on the side. I brought it to her as she laid in bed. She massaged my ass till my cock throbbed. She reach around gave it a pull and told me to start washing clothes.
The day went great. She kept pinching and prodding me, keeping me on edge - I kept up with the housework. I cooked and cleaned up afterwards -She ate and relaxed. She took naps-I took care of the kids. I washed clothes-She watched TV. I was in submissive heaven every order was accompanied by a pinch on the butt, a massage of the penis or nibble on the nipples.

That night she watched one of her XXX-Rated video while I put the kids to bed. When I got to bed, I she was ready to be pleased. After a little kissing, I felt the hand on the back of my head, knowing she wanted me to eat her out. So I slowly went down on her and licked her clit. I slowly eased my fingers in and massaged up in a come-hither motion, which drives her wild. After a few minutes, she was done.

She pulled me on top of her and I drove my cock into her waiting pussy. After a few minutes I was ready to come. I asked her if I could come, she told me I had been a good boy and could come. I came quickly and rolled off of her. I held her for a while and we drifted off to sleep without even talking about the day.

The wonderful day as I thought back upon it. I was her willing slave and she the reluctant but cooperating master. She seemed to have enjoyed herself and as all my questions where answered that she enjoyed the day. But at the time I was not sure if it would ever happen again…