Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekdays and frequency.

Since that first weekend, me being submissive to her dominance have become a regular part of our sex life. I am happy to say.

It only occurs on the weekends. The weekdays are pretty normal. She may be reluctant for sex around Wednesday or Thursday "If I satisfy you now, you will not be in the mood this weekend". But it is never the same Submissive/Dominance routine we go through some weekends.

We have been playing the game (that is one of our names for it) for over 2.5 years on some weekends. We have gone through months, where ever weekend we played. We have gone a month at a time when we do not play. We only play on weekends when we do not have a lot going on. (For example, it is hard for me to do her bidding if she is off with her sister for most of the weekend). So I guess in the past 2.5 years we have played about 50 weekends, or just under 50%.

When it started, I always had to initiate or volunteer for it. But as the years have past, my wife has become more and more vocal about wanting it and enjoying it. She has come to enjoy her relaxing weekends, she enjoys the house staying clean, and she enjoys the attention. I felt guilt at the beginning, she never shares a hidden fantasy with me, but when I shared mine (being submissive) she gave it a try. But since she ask for it so often, I have come to believe she enjoys it as well…


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