Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Enjoyment

When I am her submissive husband for the day/weekend, I enjoy the hell out of myself. I had fantasized about it for years and now it finally came true. It really has two parts, the denial/teasing and the satisfaction of work.
When I daydreamed about this in the past I only focused on being kept horny. I love her teasing me. I love being horny and have her rap her arms around me and massage my ass pulling my hard cock to her. I love brushing her breast against me. The game gives so many changes for her to make me horny. Since I have not come in a while, I enjoy them all.

I never expected how good keeping busy and satisfying my wife would feel. There is a certain amount of pleasure in job well done. I work in an office and seldom see tangible results from my work. But a cleaned kitchen and vacuumed house makes me feel like I accomplished something (not to mention the joy I receive as my wife massaging my cock, not to let me come).

In addition there is pleasure in satisfying my wife. A good meal, a relaxing massage, clean sheets, or a oral satisfaction – They all give me great pride. Any guy who enjoys satisfying his women, just for the sake of satisfying her should understand this.

All in all, I do not know why I enjoy being this submissive husband so much. When it over and I come, I think why do I let myself get put into these situations (Which is probably what you, the reader are thinking). But when it is happening I am in ecstasy.


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