Saturday, February 11, 2006

Shower at night, or two days…

The next weekend started like the first. I cooked and cleaned on Friday with anticipation. My wife took my cue that I was in a submissive mood and pinched my ass and nipples to keep me horny. That Friday night she told me it was my job to get all the feedings for the night. Which I did, as I had done the weekend before.
The next day my wife woke up well rested to breakfast in bed. She was getting spoiled and I was loving it. She lounged around the day, more comfortable in her role. She would come and hug me, massage my cock until it was hard and then leave me in exstacy.
We had quickly fallen into a pattern of me doing things without being asked. I am reminded of a bumper sticker that said "I wish my man would stop asking me what I wanted done, and just do it". She had no trouble keeping me horny, but did not really want to give me orders. So I took over doing what needed to be done.

After an evening enjoying meal I cooked and she enjoying a movie while I washed clothes, my wife said she was in the mood for sex and a bath. I had been kept on edge all day and was ready for release. Then she went into the bedroom to get ready, but I heard the bath going. She never took a bath before sex, only after. The only reason she would take a bath before if I was to satisfy her, and get no satisfaction myself. So it dawned on me that I would not get to come tonight, but she wanted to be satisfied. I went into the bathroom and washed her back with a warm wash clothe. Getting hornier all the time, washing her naked body, getting even hornier knowing this batch meant I would not get to come tonight.

And so it was. She got out and we went to bed and I used my mouth to satisfy her. She massaged my hard cock for a little bit then told me to go brush my teeth and come to bed for the night. I slipped in beside her and on her command massaged her back till she drifted off to sleep. I was soo horny that night.

The next day (Sunday) went as expected with me as horny as I was, doing her bidding the entire time. That night after making her come, she finally allowed me to come inside her.
That had pushed it from being her slave for about a day, to over two days (including Friday).

Some weekends we played for the entire weekend, sometimes just for Saturday. On Saturday night’s I am high with anticipation, not knowing if she will keep it going for the rest of the weekend or let me come. I am happy either way, I would enjoy coming and I would enjoy staying her slave for the rest of the day.


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