Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lists – Honey-Dos that get Done..

My wife is not big on giving me orders through the weekend. But there are things she wants done, so she keeps a list going. We keep it electronically and she updates it whenever she thinks of something new.

I scratch the things off my list. With the understanding that if I do not finish the list, she may not let me come and I will be hers for a while longer.

It is also an indication if I want to be hers for the entire weekend or just Saturday. If I want to end the game Saturday night, I get everything on the list done. Almost ever time I have completed my list on Saturday she lets me come that night. (We have an understanding that if I come that night, I will not be hers the next day) .

Regardless of whether I have completed my list or not, every Saturday night she has me make her come. If I have not completed my list, she does not tell me if I will be allowed to come until after she has come and she is teasing me, playing with my cock or having me play with it while she pinches my nipples. If I have not completed my list she will stop and say it is time for bed, and I fall asleep in horny exstacy.

Most Saturdays I complete all but one item on the list. This gives her the freedom to keep me or let me have a release.

Here is the most recent list, you will notice there are weekly items which stay on the list and each week she adds new items.
This Week
Accompany Wife To The Mall
Film Kids
Install Lock on Front Door
Clean Carpets
Replace light bulbs in Bathroom
Clean downstairs closet
Mail gift to Wife’s sister
Wash Clothes
Wash Sheets
Clean Wifes's Car Out
Cook Snacks - Deviled Eggs


Blogger oldbear said...

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You all rock. Keep it up stud, you done good!

4:04 PM  
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