Tuesday, February 21, 2006


One of the things a submissive must become good at is giving a massage. On the weekends when I am under her control, I have to give my wife massages several times during the day and night.

On the couch while she is watching her show, her feet get massaged. At night after I satisfy her I massage her back. I wake her up from her afternoon nap with a gentle massage.

I have massage and body lotions located throughout the house. Whenever she ask or I see her bending over I will grab a lotion. The trick with lotion guys is to warm them up on your hands first…do not squirt them on her back, Put it on your hands massage them together then massage her.

One of the most intoxicating massages is when she is playing her computer game (spider solitaire). I will come behind her, spread the lotion (Currently "Moonlight Path") on my hands and start to massage her back. Since she is sitting down and likes the massage on the lower part of her back, I have to get on my knees to massage her which add to the feeling of being submissive. After about 5 minutes my knees start to hurt which adds to the excitement. She will usually make me massage her till she wins which sometimes takes 30 minutes of exstacy.

I also enjoy the bath massages. While she takes a bath, I take a warm washcloth and rub her back as she leans forward. Then she leans back and I massage the front of her arms and to her naked breast.

Things I have learned:
- Use body lotion.
- She does not like warm massage stones (sounds like a good idea, but just feels like hot rocks)
-Warm the body lotion before using.
-Use circular pressure, do not knead it like dough.

I think any good submissive should learn how to give a good massage…it’s a part of your job.


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