Sunday, April 02, 2006

Friendly public kidding

My wife does not really want to publicly humiliate me(yet). We keep the game between just the two of us most of the time.

But on the weekends when she is the boss, there is friendly kidding which goes on when others are around.

When our neighbors call, she will list off all the things that I have done and she has done. She will say "He has washed the clothes, cleaned the kitchen, vacumned the house, and washed my car. I have been relaxing and taking a nap all afternoon. " after a little pause for them to reply she will say "Yes it is nice".

When she comes back from shopping with her mother, she will ask "So did you keep busy and clean the house like you were supposed to?" then "Good boy".
When her sister calls she will list off my chores and tell her sister where she had shopped.

She always does it within my earshot, not even trying to hide the fact that it might be humiliating to have other know of our arrangement. But the humiliation is kinda stimulating, and just makes me want to submit to her all the more.

If my friend had said his wife did all those things, while allowing him to sleep of golf. I would be jealous of my friend. I wonder if the women that talk to my wife are jealous of her. I wonder if she is somehow bragging to them about what a good relationship she has, that she gets to rest while the work gets done. I wonder if this makes her happy, I hope it does. On these weekends I love making my wife happy.

I love my wife.


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