Saturday, March 25, 2006

Submissive Husband – Sample Weekend

So far this blog has been about different aspects of our weekends when I am submissive. This past weekend we played the game.

It kinda started on Thursday. My wife was home all day and I asked whether she had supper cooked since she was home all day. This upset her as she had spent the whole day taking care of the kids.

When I say something that upsets her, she is more in the mood to make me her slave-boy for the weekend. Not so much as a punishment for me, as she knows I enjoy it. More of wanting to feel empowered and pampered, after feeling degraded by my comment.

So on Friday I got home, she was home all day, but the house was a mess. She causully suggest that there was chicken in the fridge that she would like. As I was cleaning the kitchen, she said to my daughter in a kidding tone that "I am putting daddy to work". It is like that sometime at the beginning of the weekend, she has not overtly said I was going to be her slave-boy, but gives hints.

With the kitchen cleaned and food on I walked into our bedroom to see her playing games on the computer. She said, I need a massage come over and rub my shoulders. I rub her shoulders a little bit standing behind her. She told me to rub the lower part of her back. She knows I can not rub her lower back without getting on my knees behind in a submissive position.

So I know the game has started and she wants me to be her slave-boy. I am under her spell and fall to my knees behind her, reach for the massage oil, and begin massaging her back. Although I can not see her, I know she is grinning, knowing she has me. She pulls her shirt up around her neck so I can massage her whole back.

We talk about what needs to be done in the house before I will allowed to come and she starts the list while I massage her back:
- Change the air filters
- Wash and clean the inside of her car
- Clean the carpet where the kids spilled milk from the front door to the kitchen.
- Change the ruffle cover under the mattress
- Wash the sheets
Of course it is understood that I have to clean the downstairs part of the house, keep the kitchen clean, fix meals/snack, and wash all the clothes in the house. Those are things I have to do ever weekend which she is the boss.

While I am setting up the table she comes into the kitchen and cuddles up to me and pinches my nipples for a while until my cock is about to blow through my pants. She tells me to get busy and sits down and the table to be served.

We eat without much incident. While I am cleaning, she tells me she is going shopping.

While she is gone, I start on my list while keeping the laundry going.

She gets back from shopping after a couple of hours and ask if want the model her new swimsuit, to which I eagerly agree. On weekends I am her slave-boy I especially enjoy watching her dress and undress. It increases the anticipation and pushes me further into her submission.

She sits down to watch TV. While she is watching I bring her cut strawberries and drinks. I keep on cleaning the house and washing the clothes.

At night I heard the bath-tub running. Whenever we are going to have sex she waits till afterwards to cleanup. So I know that she does not want me to be released tonight.

She tells me to put in one of her XXX rated movies so she can get in the mood and for me to get to work. So I put in her movie and go out to put photos in albums that she has been pestering me to do for a while.

I come in and ask her if she needs more time, but she beckons me in. I ask her if she wants my cock, my tounge or her friends. She ask if I can last another day, I nod that can. She ask me to get her friend. So I get the rabbit which spins, rotates and vibrates.

She keeps watching her adult movie..

I kiss her body for a while, but her hand pushes my hand into action on her pussy. After a few minutes of playing with her clit, I bring her vibrator to her pussy. I shove it in,vibrating, just a bit and pull it out several time. I can feel her body pushing back against it. I move it up to massage her clit and she groans a little.

She keeps watching her adult movie..

I shove the head in and out again. Her hand brushes against the back of my hand and know she wants it in more. I shove it in and turn the rotate on and the vibrator a little faster. Sometimes I keep her in this state for a long time, turning the vibrator faster/slower to keep her just on the edge. Today she does not seem interested as after a little while, the hand is on the back of my head, the sign that she wants my tounge on her clit.

She keeps watching her adult movie..

I turn the vibrator faster and plunge to her pussy. She comes rather quickly and pushes my face away. I turn the vibrator off and go up to hold her for a while. She holds me closer and tells me how awesome it was.

I removed her vibrator, turned the video off. Cleaned the vibrator and put all the toys away.

I laid down beside her and she cuddled up to me, stroking my cock for a little while and playing with my nipples for a long while, till I was so horny I wanted to bust.

She turned over and asked me to massage her back while she went to sleep. Which I did and then slowly drifted off to a fitful night sleep.

The next morning she slept in while I dress and fed the children. I cooked her breakfast and brought it to her as she showered.

My day was busy as I cleaned and cooked. Her day was relaxing as she watched TV, played computer games, and took and an afternoon nap.

There were several opportunities for her to keep me in the mood. She pinched. She stroked my cock through my clothes. Once she bent me over the kitchen and came behind me to give me a pounce.

That night while watching TV, I brought her strawberries and drinks. I sat on the couch with her feet in my lap massaging her feet. (Neither of us are into the whole foot worship thing, but too each his own).

That night, I had completed my list. My wife was not in the mood for sex, but she did give me the next best thing. Me on my back, her without her shirt, she wrappes her breast around my cock, she squeezes my nipples and digs her nails into my but until I come.

The weekend of being her slave-boy was over. I got a lot done and she got a lot of rest.
I love my wife.


Blogger Lady Julia said...

Wonderful post - very well written. I can't imagine why this wouldn't appeal to most women at least some of the time :)

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

4:35 AM  
Blogger Mistress Kate said...

It definitely appeals to me! Great post, I can only hope I find a sub husband so well dedicated one day. There are too many men out there for me to play with to settle down on 1 for the moment though :P.

6:05 PM  

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