Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spank Me Baby

My wife had always known my submissive side but had not wanted to get too involved. The one exception was the birthday spanking. She would spank me till I came once a year.

Since we started the games, the spanking has been incorporated a little more into our sex life. About once a month the spanking will come.

At the beginning, it was with a hand or a hanger. The hanger was nice, because it did not make as much noise as the hand – a consideration when you have kids. But the hanger left bruises that did not heal for a month – which sounds cool, but once the weekend is over, I want it be over.

I recently bought a leather whip, which I love. It does not make as much noise as her hand. It stings a lot more than her hand. But it does not leave a mark.

Sample weekend

Again, most weekends she does not spank me but about a month ago..

On Friday, I got a rare text message on my phone. I opened it and it said, "You need a spank". I took that as a sign that she wanted to play our submissive game that weekend.

After a Friday night of horny anticipation, in which I did all the housework as she rested. That night after making her come, she used my leather whip on my ass a little to keep me horny.

On Saturday morning, I heard her getting up and open the drawer where her whip was kept – a boner formed, but I pretended to be asleep. She rolled over and took the sheet off me – my boner got bigger. She pulled down my silk boxers – I was about to explode. She let the whip fall on my bare butt several times - I was in horny ecstacy. Before I could come, she told me to get to work.

I was busy for the remainder of the day, but being that busy, I got tired. As my wife was out shopping, I took a nap, expecting to be up by the time she arrived. But she snuck in and I was awoken to a whip on my but. It was a hard whip which stung for a while. I could not sit down without feeling it – she laughed about that and told me I got what I deserved. Most of the time the spanking has a little sexual undertone to it, that time it was just for punishment.

That night after making her come, I was spanked with my whip until I came, for appreciation of all my hard work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live very far in Europe I’m an unmarried male student I dream only of such wife that you have. I do not envy you your success… but up to this day me failing a “spanking girlfriend” to catch. So I have to go to mistress if I want one spanking session… You are very lucky in your marriage!


7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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