Tuesday, February 28, 2006


For the longest time, I have come behind my wife and thrust my hips up to her but and "pounced" her. Sometime she would resist, and I would lay her over the table and thrust her from the back several times, kinda drive-humping her from the back. She always tried to out do me by pushing her hips back and catching me off guard, but I always retaliated.

Since we have started the game where I am her submissive for the weekends, the roles have changed. Now when I get behind her to massage her back she will thrust her hips back, and I am to stay still while she is in charge with the thrusting. Knowing that I am in the submissive position for the same thing that I once dominated her is exhilirating to me.

In addition sometimes I am the pouncee. She will come behind me and thrust her hips into my but as is she is butt-fucking me. It is somewhat humiliating, which is kinda of a turnon for the submissive side of me.

Her pouncing of me is another one of those things we do on the weekend to keep me horny. Together they all keep motivated to keep the house clean and my wife happy. I love my wife…


Blogger oldbear said...

Hi Sub Hub, i am just posting to let you know i am still reading and appreciating. You and your wife seem like awesome, loving and caring people.

I love the subtitle of yur blog, and hope you keep posting.

You all are a perfect example of what i call loving couples kink!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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