Friday, April 07, 2006

Feedback, asking what I did right.

After a day of my wife being the boss, I always ask her what she enjoys most about it. I will list off the things and she will tell me how much she enjoys it.
She enjoys being pampered
She enjoys the clean kitchen
She enjoys her naps.
She enjoys me satisfying her without having to satisfy me immediately
She enjoys me using her "Friends" on her.
She enjoys her car being cleaned.
She enjoys her snacks.

I have used this to fine tune what I work on when she is the boss. I thought she would enjoy not having to deal with our youngest kid, but she said she enjoyed bonding with him, so let her hold him sometime. I thought she would enjoy the clothes being cleaned, but she said they get so backed up again afterward that it did not really matter that much.

So every week after we are done, I find out what she enjoyed most. I can use this to do better the next timeā€¦

I love my wife.


Blogger Lady Julia said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. It's clear you're really trying hard to please her and that makes you a very special person in my book :)

8:09 PM  
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