Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spilling over into the weekdays…

Although I am only he slave on some weekends, the things I have learned over the past couple of years on the occasional weekend I have put to use during the week to make her happier.

I have become good at giving her massages. Using body oil on her back to help her feel good. Or when we are watching TV at night, she will plop her feet on my lap and ask for a massage.

On the weekends when she is the boss, I am a full time chef. I have taken some of the recipes she likes and cook them on the weeknights as well. In addition, during the week I will try our new recipes, the ones she likes will make it into a future weekend menu.

Before we started the game, I rarely did laundry. Not that I was too macho, it was always her job and I had never learned the nuances of clothe cleaning (not that it is too difficult). On those weekends, I have to wash all the clothes, so I learned how. So now I pitch in on the weekends.

I do not mind helping keeping the house clean during the week now. It shows that I appreciate her playing the game with me on the weekend. And if the house is cleaner by Friday there is less work for me to do on the weekend so I can spend more time pleasing her.

I love my wife.


Blogger Lady Julia said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. So many submissive men want so much to have a total female led relationship and they push for that. If instead, they would at least initially attempt something like what the two of you do, they'd stand a much better chance of getting at least some of what they want and need.

7:44 PM  
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