Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I do not know why but my wife likes XXX videos. I really do not like them, but she can not get enough of them.

On weekends which I know she is expecting to be the boss, I will hit the video store to get her a new video.

She enjoys these weekends. Normally after she puts in a video I am her side after 10 minutes ready to go so she does not get to watch much. When I am her slave, she gets to watch almost the whole movie while I am cleaning the house. And when I do come to bed with her in charge, I always focus on satisfying her – either with her "Friend" or my tounge and her view of the video is unobstructed. (During the week when we have sex and I am on top she can not see her video.

Her being the boss also affects on video collection. There are no lesbian or mutliple-girls on one guy videos. They all have to be mostly straight sex with multiple men (more dick) for the girls because that is what she enjoys. Although almost ever video has lesbian scenes we just fast forward through them, she does not want me to get horny looking at another women.


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