Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Out of the rut

I had enjoyed our game of me being submissive for a weekend immensely, but we had gotten into a little of a rut. I think we might have broken that rut this past weekend.

Usually - At the end of the first day I always satisfied my wife and I was left horney. The next night, no matter how I performed, we would have sex or my wife would wrap her breast around my cock and make me come. I was getting pretty sloppy with getting everything done because I knew I would be allowed a pleasurable release.
But this weekend that assumption was put to rest..

It started like most weekends, me making a bad comment. In this case, I said that since she was off on Friday she could clean the house since her sister was coming into town. That night I told my wife I wanted sex, but during foreplay she pushed my head to her cunt until she came, then told me I would have to wait.

The next day found a longer than usual honey-do list. I started working on them quickly to try to get through them. From experience, a completed honey-do list led to a pleasurable release.

During the day while I was cleaning upstairs, she asked me if I was slacking or working. I smarted off that I was slacking. She told me I would pay for that tonight. Then ordered me to come kneel and worship her – the first time she had ever done that.

As the day wore on, it was clear I would not finish my list and the house would not be clean, so my wife pitched in.

That night, I announced that my honey-do list was complete. After a shower, I settled into bed naked laying on my back, stroking my hard cock. She told me to roll over onto my belly, I thought that was interesting. Then I heard the drawer with her whip (she had not used it on me in 6 months since my birthday) open.

Whack on my butt – Me – "I love you" – After ever strike of the whip on my butt, I tell her that I love her, so she does not feel guilty about doing it.
Wife:"I do not think you should tell ME I have to clean the house!"
Whack… Me- "I Love you"
Wife "I did not appreciate your smart tounge this afternoon about slacking…"
Whack.. Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Wife- "Do you like it that you do not know when it is coming?" She always alternates the tempo of her spanking. She seems to get a kick out of keeping me guessing.
Whack..Me- "I Love you"
Wife- "And I do not appreciate having to " Whack "help you cleanup" Whack "what good is having a slave if I have to help"
Wife – "What else did you do wrong?"
She pauses the spanking until I give her reasons to continue. I am too horney to deny her.
Me – "I did not fold all the clothes, I left them in the dryer for you"
Whack… Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Me – "I left dishes in the sink, I knew you would not notice till tommorrow".
Whack… Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Me – "May I please come"
Wife – "Do you deserve it?"
Me – "Please"
Wife – "Will you do better next time?"
Me – "Yes"
Wife – "Then you may come"
Me- "I Love you"Whack.. Whack
Me- "I Love you"Whack.. Whack
Me- "Thank you"

Although I enjoy being spanked every one in a while (twice a year would be fine for me), I felt I had let my wife down. That I had not been good enough for this weekend. My wife now has an option if I do not perform well enough, I will not get to feel her breast around my cock, I will get the whip. From her point of view, it is less work for her to whip me and not as demeening – So I have to be extra good..

Since there is concequences to my actions, I keep thinking of how I can better serve my wife. How I can not be so sloppy, how I can get everything done on my list.

As a side note, the next day my butt was a little sore and I corrected all the things that had gone wrong the day before. My wife sometimes complained that after I was allowed to come the next day I became sluggish – this did not happen with a sore butt.

I love my wife.


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