Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weight control

My wife has lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months.

Before that, when we played our game where she was in control and I was submissive, she kept putting on weight on the weekends we played. She would relax the entire weekend, sleep in, take naps. She would be pampered and never go out to exercise. I would cook her favorite meals (usually fattening). Give her mixed drinks at night. I would bring her a bowl of her favorite ice cream as she watched TV at night (as I cleaned the house of course).

She complained and like a good submissive I changed. I started cooking healthier. I encouraged her to go to the gym. I helped arrange tennis matches with her friends. I brought her carrots or grapes instead of ice cream at night (I still cleaned of course).

Most of her wieght loss was from her own hard work during the week that I had little to do with. I just tried to make sure I was not ruining her efforts on the weekends.

It takes a lot of consideration and compromising to try to work a submissive lifestyle into the ups and downs of a normal marriage. Put the rewards are great for those of us into this type of thing..

I love my wife.


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