Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This past Memorial day weekend, after coming back from a two night trip to the beach I slip into becoming my wife submissive again.

As I think back upon it after most of our out of town trips I become submissive to my wife on the way back. I think this is do to several factors…

  • During our vacations I sleep in a smaller bed with my wife so we are always in contact. We have a king size at home and can go all night without touching. So that gets me horny.
  • We never have sex on our vacations because of sleeping arrangements with the kids and relatives in the next room. So I get hornier.
  • On the trips back, I usually fantasize about being my wife’s submissive – because the horniness of it keeps me alert during driving.
  • My wife is exhausted from the vacation so she wants to rest and knows all she has to do is a little tease and denial and she gets a break.
  • There is always a lot of work to be done and my wife is appreciative of not having to do it.

These factors, lots of work, horniness, and an exhausted wife are a perfect mixture for a submissive weekend.

If others men want to introduce your wife to the perks of having a submissive husband I would suggest after getting back from your next vacation you tell your wife to relax while you unpack. I expect she will be very grateful and receptive to how to get more of this type of treatment.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Her RemoteControl

I love being submissive to my wife. During our lovemaking, the submissive side really comes out. I enjoy when I am eating her out or having sex that she controls the tempo by pinching and prodding me.

On our submissive weekends, while I eat her out, she will squeeze my butt when she wants it harder. When I am allowed inside of her, it is on her terms -she will squeeze my nipples or slap my butt if she wants it harder- I am not allowed to slack off.

She knows she can take her time coming when she is in charge. Normally I grow tired after 10 minutes or so. But when she is in charge she can get me to perform much longer.

I feel as though I am just her remote control dildo, with buttons on my nipples and butt to control her pleasure.

I love my wife.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weight control

My wife has lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months.

Before that, when we played our game where she was in control and I was submissive, she kept putting on weight on the weekends we played. She would relax the entire weekend, sleep in, take naps. She would be pampered and never go out to exercise. I would cook her favorite meals (usually fattening). Give her mixed drinks at night. I would bring her a bowl of her favorite ice cream as she watched TV at night (as I cleaned the house of course).

She complained and like a good submissive I changed. I started cooking healthier. I encouraged her to go to the gym. I helped arrange tennis matches with her friends. I brought her carrots or grapes instead of ice cream at night (I still cleaned of course).

Most of her wieght loss was from her own hard work during the week that I had little to do with. I just tried to make sure I was not ruining her efforts on the weekends.

It takes a lot of consideration and compromising to try to work a submissive lifestyle into the ups and downs of a normal marriage. Put the rewards are great for those of us into this type of thing..

I love my wife.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Out of the rut

I had enjoyed our game of me being submissive for a weekend immensely, but we had gotten into a little of a rut. I think we might have broken that rut this past weekend.

Usually - At the end of the first day I always satisfied my wife and I was left horney. The next night, no matter how I performed, we would have sex or my wife would wrap her breast around my cock and make me come. I was getting pretty sloppy with getting everything done because I knew I would be allowed a pleasurable release.
But this weekend that assumption was put to rest..

It started like most weekends, me making a bad comment. In this case, I said that since she was off on Friday she could clean the house since her sister was coming into town. That night I told my wife I wanted sex, but during foreplay she pushed my head to her cunt until she came, then told me I would have to wait.

The next day found a longer than usual honey-do list. I started working on them quickly to try to get through them. From experience, a completed honey-do list led to a pleasurable release.

During the day while I was cleaning upstairs, she asked me if I was slacking or working. I smarted off that I was slacking. She told me I would pay for that tonight. Then ordered me to come kneel and worship her – the first time she had ever done that.

As the day wore on, it was clear I would not finish my list and the house would not be clean, so my wife pitched in.

That night, I announced that my honey-do list was complete. After a shower, I settled into bed naked laying on my back, stroking my hard cock. She told me to roll over onto my belly, I thought that was interesting. Then I heard the drawer with her whip (she had not used it on me in 6 months since my birthday) open.

Whack on my butt – Me – "I love you" – After ever strike of the whip on my butt, I tell her that I love her, so she does not feel guilty about doing it.
Wife:"I do not think you should tell ME I have to clean the house!"
Whack… Me- "I Love you"
Wife "I did not appreciate your smart tounge this afternoon about slacking…"
Whack.. Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Wife- "Do you like it that you do not know when it is coming?" She always alternates the tempo of her spanking. She seems to get a kick out of keeping me guessing.
Whack..Me- "I Love you"
Wife- "And I do not appreciate having to " Whack "help you cleanup" Whack "what good is having a slave if I have to help"
Wife – "What else did you do wrong?"
She pauses the spanking until I give her reasons to continue. I am too horney to deny her.
Me – "I did not fold all the clothes, I left them in the dryer for you"
Whack… Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Me – "I left dishes in the sink, I knew you would not notice till tommorrow".
Whack… Whack.. Me- "I Love you"
Me – "May I please come"
Wife – "Do you deserve it?"
Me – "Please"
Wife – "Will you do better next time?"
Me – "Yes"
Wife – "Then you may come"
Me- "I Love you"Whack.. Whack
Me- "I Love you"Whack.. Whack
Me- "Thank you"

Although I enjoy being spanked every one in a while (twice a year would be fine for me), I felt I had let my wife down. That I had not been good enough for this weekend. My wife now has an option if I do not perform well enough, I will not get to feel her breast around my cock, I will get the whip. From her point of view, it is less work for her to whip me and not as demeening – So I have to be extra good..

Since there is concequences to my actions, I keep thinking of how I can better serve my wife. How I can not be so sloppy, how I can get everything done on my list.

As a side note, the next day my butt was a little sore and I corrected all the things that had gone wrong the day before. My wife sometimes complained that after I was allowed to come the next day I became sluggish – this did not happen with a sore butt.

I love my wife.